Dea is a pretty bowl for dogs and cats, for water or food in rigid plastic, sturdy but light at the same time. It has a simple but elegant design and is very comfortable to use. It does not release odors and is practical and easy to wash. Dea bowls are available in different bright colors and five sizes depending on the size of your pet. The comfortable side handles allow an easy grip. A large support base and non-slip rubber feet ensure maximum stability. Choose the bowl best suited to your cat or dog from five different capacities: 0.45, 1, 2 and 3 liters or double from 0.45 + 0.45 liters. Certainly for small cats and dogs the bowls Dea 2, Dea 4 and Dea 22 are suitable, while for medium and large dogs cut the bowls Dea 6 and Dea 8.