In 1964, from passion and talent, IMAC was born. Since then more than 50 years have passed and from a simple family business to one that today is an important and appreciated company in the world of Pet Products.

An industrial spirit married to artisanal passion proved to be the winning philosophy of IMAC. IMAC has grown over the years, both in quality and size, always looking to the future and reaching grand business objectives, empowered by a passion for work and commitment by its founder Piero Gattazzo, its employees have always been regarded as the soul and engine of IMAC’s success.

IMAC is synonymous with quality and innovation in it designs, it manufactures and markets a complete range of items for pets that deserve our care and attention with specific products for healthy living. Our principal objective still remains to invent, create and make things for the welfare of our Pets. The artisanal spirit, care and passion are all inevitably present during all stages of our work, all our products are designed for maximum comfort for our animal friends.

The high quality standards offered by IMAC, are the fruits of a careful and conscientious work, both organised and controlled, with all stages of production in-house and subject to regular internal controls, that produce an end product of undoubted quality and one that offers certain success and completely MADE IN ITALY, all essential elements of the work of IMAC.

And it is thanks to all this, that IMAC with great commitment and professionalism, has been able over time, to build a leading position in the international market.

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