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    Pet Products

    LOVE YOUR PET, the IMAC payoff which gives a true purpose to our products, made with passion and dedication. The IMAC catalogues offer a wide range of products to not only make your pets happy but delight anyone who loves cats, dogs, rodents, birds, fish and turtles. The IMAC range includes cages, toys and accessories to meet your pet’s every requirement: hamster cages, rabbit cages, guinea pig cages and cages for all small rodents; kennels and transport boxes for cats and dogs and everything they require for their day-to-day needs whether at home or on the go; colourful fish tanks, turtle dishes and aquariums. Bird cages and aviaries which adapt, in form and in the matching accessories, to the lifestyle and the particular needs of each species and which recreate their natural habitat as much as possible. We have large, spacious cages and comfortable perches for canaries and parrots, while for budgerigars there are cages with horizontal wire framing, more than a metre tall, perfect for their space requirements. All products are manufactured in Italy with great attention to design, comfort and the high quality of materials. Every aspect of the production phase is conducted entirely at the IMAC factory thus ensuring the quality of a product MADE IN ITALY. Our attention is to pets but also extends to the customer thanks to the innovative space saving IMAC SYSTEM: flat-packed cages and multi-packs which save you money on warehouse, handling and transport costs and also time in assembly/disassembly of products. IMAC doesn’t simply make a product, it makes all you need for the happiness and well-being of your little friend.