With Dog car carriers your dog will travel safely and calmly with you. In the car it is essential to have a space totally dedicated to your paw friend, especially with a size appropriate to your dog’s size. In fact, the carrier is available in three sizes: Dog 1, Dog 2 New and Dog 3. The Dog 1 carrier was designed to be housed in the trunk of most cars and suitable for medium to large dogs. Built in thermoplastic resin with vertical opening in painted metal mesh. With the Dog 2 New and Dog 3 plastic carrier, bringing two dogs with you at the same time is not a problem. The sturdy plastic partition separates the interior space of the carrier into two compartments that do not communicate with each other. The partition is easily inserted and removed from the back of the carrier to allow easy and practical cleaning. Convenient transport and positioning in the car is guaranteed thanks to the practical side handles. Two varnished metal openings with safety locks will allow you to house your dogs in the two separate compartments. The Dog 2 New and 3 carriers are two sizes and are suitable for dogs of all sizes.