Ciottoli Dispenser is the plastic distributor for dogs and cats, ideal for both drinking and eating. When you are away from home, the vending machine guarantees your dog or cat enough food and water for their needs. Ciotttoli Dispenser is a product of design and quality, in fact it is composed of a siphon that can be easily extracted from the base for normal maintenance and cleaning. By turning the siphon 180 °, a food trough or water trough is obtained, allowing the animal to feed even in the absence of the owner. The Dispenser bowl is equipped with practical non-slip rubber feet and for greater stability it is possible to fill the inside with sand, gravel, etc. The vending machines are available in two different sizes and capacities: 1.5 liters for cats and small dogs and 3 liters for medium and large dogs. Four fashionable colors make Ciottoli Dispenser an indispensable accessory for the well-being of your Pets friends that can’t miss in your home.