58 33 62,5 cm
  • Blue
  • Gold
VOL: 0,109m3

WIRE SPACING: 12.10 mm


Beautiful and welcoming, Agata is the rectangular cage that offers ample space for canaries, parakeets and small exotic birds. Blue painted mesh structure combined with a blue aviation plastic or brass-plated bottom and a dark brown background for the more classic version. Attention to detail, the Agata cage is equipped with a handle for easy transport and a large front door with vertical opening and a smaller side door, for easy access for any need. Placing the perches in the shape of a branch on the sunroof, your feathered friend will have a real panoramic terrace, from which he will be able to observe the surroundings. For a very practical cleaning of the cage, pull out the drawer on the bottom and you can easily remove the bag daily. The accessories that complete this cage meet all the needs of your little bird: four Mia troughs in transparent plastic, a Tweety 100 drinker and four branch-shaped perches that allow you to vary the grip of the legs continuously, making them similar to the use which is found in nature. Try the very comfortable optional Cage Port 226 to be combined in aviation blue or brown, to move the Agate Cage without difficulty, thanks to the swivel wheels.

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