Founded in 1964, IMAC offers high quality products with a history that is 100% Made in Italy.
The IMAC range has over 1,050 products and is exported to 72 countries worldwide, from Europe to Asia, the American continent and down under to Australia.
IMAC offers a complete range of cages and accessories for rodents and birds, as well as an increasingly wide range of items for cats and dogs such as pet carriers, litter boxes, feeding bowls and toys.
Most of our cages are designed with a space-saving “flat-pack” system, while the “multi-pack” options greatly reduce transport costs and storage space, keeping waste to a minimum.
Covering an area of over 18,000 square metres, the IMAC team which is specialized across various operational departments and expert in the use of the latest technologies in the sector, controls the entire production chain thereby ensuring high standards of quality are maintained.
The Sales and Customer Service offices offer 360-degree support in order to satisfy even the most demanding of customers.